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Util.h File Reference
#include <config.h>
#include <list>
#include <string>
#include "DviError.h"
#include "Bitmap.h"
#include "verbosity.h"

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 Various utility functions.

Constant Groups

 Various utility functions.


typedef STD::list< string > string_list


string_listUtil::tokenise_string (string str)
 Tokenise string at whitespace. More...
char ** Util::string_list_to_array (string_list &l)
 Convert a string_list to a null-terminated array of character pointers. More...
void Util::delete_string_array (char **sl)
 Deletes the array of strings returned by string_list_to_array. More...
bool Util::parseRGB (Bitmap::BitmapColour &, const char *)
 Parse an RGB specification. More...
void Util::verbosity (const verbosities level)
 Sets the verbosity of the methods in this class. More...

Typedef Documentation

typedef STD::list<string> string_list