intel-e1000e-kmp-trace - Intel(R) PRO/1000 driver for Linux

License: GPL v2 or later
Vendor: SUSE PLDP: Intel Corporation
Linux driver for the Intel(R) PRO/1000 Family of Server Adapters.

This sub-package provides the kernel module(s) for the specific kernel flavor as
indicated by the 'intel-e1000e-kmp-<flavor>' package name. Driver documentation and
updates to the pciutils pci-ids database are provided by the 'intel-e1000e' base


intel-e1000e-kmp-trace-2.3.2_3.0.13_0.27-2.1.x86_64 [103 KiB] Changelog by (2013-03-18):
- Inital SUSE PLDP build of automatic source pull from
  Pulled from
- Release README:
  ChangeLog for 2.3.2
  * EEE status inaccurately reported by ethtool when connected back-to-back with
  another e1000e-supported device with EEE
  * Fix compilation issues on SLES11 SP3
  * Upstream commit ffe0b2ff17e1d59d33334767e07e8141de4bd5c8 - e1000e: Use
  standard #defines for PCIe Capability ASPM fields
  * Upstream commit e792cd916cf74315bddb2c8b2323ef498cd7bfde - e1000e: display
  a warning message when SmartSpeed works
  * Fix compilation issues on RHEL6.4
  * Cleanup 'unused parameter' compilation warnings
  * Fix DMA unit hang on I218
  * Use kernel-defined MII bit/register definitions
  * Fix performance issue between two 82579 systems connected via a 10Mbps hub
  * Fix link setup code for I217/I218
  * Fix file permissions
  * Upstream commit aaeb6cdfa5c07533c2cd6d2c381374c69f7db9dc - remove init of
  dev->perm_addr in drivers
  * Upstream commit 9f9a12f8ca79839c948464a37c5b557808278708 - net/intel: remove
  __dev* attributes
  * Fix LED blink on designs with LEDs driven by cathode
  * Code cleanups

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