intel-e1000e - Intel(R) PRO/1000 driver for Linux

License: GPL v2 or later
Vendor: SUSE PLDP: Intel Corporation
Linux driver for the Intel(R) PRO/1000 family of server adapters.

The driver is delivered in multiple binary packages.
The 'intel-e1000e' base package provides the common driver documentation, and
updates to the pciutils pci-ids database. The 'intel-e1000e-kmp-<flavor>'
sub-packages provide the kernel modules for the specific kernel flavors.


intel-e1000e-2.1.4-2.1.x86_64 [26 KiB] Changelog by (2012-09-11):
- Inital SUSE PLDP build of automatic source pull from
  Pulled from
- Release README:
  ChangeLog for e1000e-2.1.4
  * 82577/8/9 - increase MSE threshold to avoid unexpected link drop
  * 82571 Tx Data Corruption during Tx hang recovery
  * 82571 serdes link instability if auto-negotiation fails - RH bug #771366
  * 82571 serdes link issue - RH #840642 and SF #346
  * Enable EEE on 82579/i217 only when link partner is capable of EEE
  * DoS while TSO enabled caused by link partner with small MSS
  * Program the correct register for ITR when using MSI-X on 82574
  * Test that 82577/82578/82579/i217 PHY is accessible otherwise driver can fail
  to load
  * remove use of the unnecessary IP payload checksum to allow concurrent use of receive hashing offload and jumbo frames
  * implement mdi-mdix setting supporton 82577/9
  * use more informative logging macros when netdev not yet registered
  * compile failure on 2.6.37+ kernels with CFLAGS_EXTRA="-DE1000E_NO_NAPI"
  * bug in bit shift when setting SMBus frequency on i217
  * Upstream commit 80be3129d7152fe73b7d5db4595e2f4267497f24 - e1000e: add transmit timestamping support
  * Upstream commit 59aed95263bdd0e2b48eb9be5a94346d2d4abf90 - e1000e: Remove special case for 82573/82574 ASPM L1 disablement
  * Upstream commit d4a4206ebbaf48b55803a7eb34e330530d83a889 - e1000e: Disable ASPM L1 on 82574
  * Upstream commit 727c356f4d799b53f94cf8fe43e19d64482348c7 - e1000e: Fix default interrupt throttle rate not set in NIC HW
  * Upstream commit 569a3aff70e880588fe4b3f1622ac60abbeb4a28 - e1000e: MSI interrupt test failed, using legacy interrupt

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