intel-e1000e - Intel(R) PRO/1000 driver for Linux

License: GPL v2 or later
Vendor: SUSE PLDP: Intel Corporation
Linux driver for the Intel(R) PRO/1000 family of server adapters.

The driver is delivered in multiple binary packages.
The 'intel-e1000e' base package provides the common driver documentation, and
updates to the pciutils pci-ids database. The 'intel-e1000e-kmp-<flavor>'
sub-packages provide the kernel modules for the specific kernel flavors.


intel-e1000e-2.4.14-2.1.x86_64 [27 KiB] Changelog by (2013-06-23):
- Inital SUSE PLDP build of automatic source pull from
  Pulled from
- Release README:
  ChangeLog for 2.4.14
  * Add support for I218 "Ultra-Low Power" (ULP) mode enabled in S3/4 and in S0 when Runtime Power Management (RPM) is enabled
  * Fix - do not access MAC registers when RPM suspended
  * Fix - workaround a Tx hang inssue at 100Half on I218
  * Fix - disable ASPM L1 on 82583
  * Cleanup - remove unnecessary workaround for 82578
  * Cleanup/refactor - Runtime Power Management flow
  * Fix - device would repeatedly cycle D0->D3 when RPM enabled and the interface was administratively downed
  * Fix - do not wake from RPM to read PHY status
  * Fix - release mutex lock only if it has been initially acquired on 82574/82583
  * Upstream - commit 73e3dd6b45c4c870fc2641eb04c24e3f12dab1e0 (e1000e: fix numeric overflow in phc settime method)
  * Upstream - commit 80d5c3689b886308247da295a228a54df49a44f6 (net: vlan: prepare for 802.1ad VLAN filtering offload)
  * Upstream - commit f646968f8f7c624587de729115d802372b9063dd (net: vlan: rename NETIF_F_HW_VLAN_ feature flags to NETIF_F_HW_VLAN_CTAG_)
  * Upstream - commit 86a9bad3ab6b6f858fd4443b48738cabbb6d094c (net: vlan: add protocol argument to packet tagging functions)
  * Fix - AMT connection drops after driver unload if large MTU configured
  * Upstream - commit 37287fae7e4506fb0822523587c769783164cdd6 (e1000e: Add missing dma_mapping_error-call in e1000_alloc_jumbo_rx_buffers)
  * Fix - low throughput using 4K jumbo MTU
  * Fix - error checking in initialization flow for I218
  * Fix - ethtool interrogating device takes it out of RPM D3 briefly
  * Refactor/fix system hibernate flow
  * Fix - automatically enable EEE LPI in I217/I218 hardware when in Sx
  * Cleanup - whitespace, indentation and lines exceeding 80 characters
  * Fix - Resolve strict checkpatch USLEEP_RANGE checks
  * Upstream - commit e60b22c5b7e59db09a7c9490b1e132c7e49ae904 (e1000e: fix accessing to suspended device)
  * Upstream - commit 66148babe728f3e00e13c56f6b0ecf325abd80da (e1000e: fix runtime power management transitions)
  * Upstream - commit 4e0855dff094b0d56d6b5b271e0ce7851cc1e063 (e1000e: fix pci-device enable-counter balance)
  * Fix - do not enable EEE on 82579/I217/I218 for speeds in which EEE is not advertised
  * Fix - IEEE MMD register 3.1 at wrong EMI address on 82579

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