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netxtreme2-kmp-default - QLogic 1/10 GbE Multifunction, iSCSI, and FCoE Drivers for Linux

License: GPLv2
Vendor: QLogic Corporation
"SRPMS available at"
"RPM public key available at and Module public key available at"


netxtreme2-kmp-default-7.12.06_k3.12.28_4-1.sles12sp0.x86_64 [3.2 MiB] Changelog by QLogic Build Environment (2013-12-13):
-Add RH5.10 support. 
-Add RH6.5 support. 
-FC-TAPE - Host responds early to a requested resend delay - Linux (70101)
-SLES11 MEZ75 IO halt with Nexus reboot tests (70728)
-SLES 11 blade loses all targets from BLOM port during fabric uplink add/remove (70187)
-KVM gso and gro are not working on hv and vm as expected (70506)
-SRIOV mtu toggle failure (70530)
-SRIOV hv reboots on pf toggle with vfs passed through on it. (70531)
-Guest OS dosent boot after attaching VF in RHEL6.3x64bit for 57840 device. (68426)
-[NET]SUT reboot&MCE report when create 30th/31st VF on 57810 device on SLES11 SP2. (69263)
-RH Cert - RH5 | U8 | v7-1.5-33 | 57810 | Flex Network Test failed. (70427)
-BACS 16.2.0: Show ETS/Priority Tagging/PFC as operational when DCBX is disabled on the switch side. (69690)
-Incorrect port value is displayed for connected/unconnected ports of 57810 for RHEL5.9 64bits. (68627)
-VFs are not getting created for QLogic adapters in RHEL5.10 OS. (71456)

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